Labor Day Weekend Recap

by Abby Eich

Labor Day weekend isn't what it use to be for me. Growing up Labor Day Weekend to me meant the unofficial last weekend of summer, the last weekend to hang outside the entire time, the last weekend to lay poolside or lakeside and catch one last tan. Now that I am a wife, mommy, photographer, and business owner it means one last weekend of summer before the busy season hits.

I shot a family session that ended with the baby having his cake smash for his 1st birthday. Cake smashes are always so much fun and I'm positive this was the cleanest cake smash session EVER!  This family also wanted to get a few fun shots of them wearing super hero shirts. It was so cute, I just love when clients want to add a little something special to their sessions to make them uniquely theirs.



Since we had a heat wave here in Missouri over the weekend, I managed to get my session done in the morning before it hit the 90s, and then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing by the pool with my family and celebrating my nephew's birthday. We even managed to let our  baby Eastyn take her first "dip" in grandma's pool to officially end our summer. 


I hope you all had a nice holiday weekend and were able to spend with friends and family!